Storage Options


  • What is a Sea-Can storage unit? Clean, structurally sound, durable, and weatherproof against even the harshest weather conditions, our Sea-Cans are ideal for storing and protecting your belongings.
  • When to choose it? Sea-Can storage containers are the ideal storage space for many different needs, including during home renovations, property clean-up, landscaping projects, home transitions, or to clear up needed space in your home.
  • What types of items? Sea-Can storage units are perfect for any belongings that you want protected from the elements, for example, furniture, art, household appliances, or electronic equipment.
  • How much can fit? This unit is about the size of a one-car garage. As an example, this space could hold a fridge, washer and dryer, three mattress sets, a dining room set, bookcases, couches, and boxes. Alternatively, this unit could hold 6 quads or 3 full-size snowmobiles plus camping gear.

Sea-Can $185 +gst per month

Bare-land $750 to $2,750 +gst per month


  • What is Bare-land storage? Our Bare-land storage offers fenced-in, secure, open-air areas, with various size options.
  • When to choose it? Bare-land storage is the ideal space for temporary or long-term outdoor storage.
  • What types of items? Bare-land storage is perfect for equipment, small recreational vehicles such as ATVs and snowmobiles, outdoor furniture, equipment containers, trailers, and other materials that can weather the elements.
  • How much can fit? Our Bare-land storage layouts come in a number of different configurations and sizes, ranging from 4,785 SF to 37,614 SF, so you can choose the storage area that best fits your spacing needs.


  • What is a parking unit? A space to keep your recreational, commercial and personal vehicles when they are not in regular use.
  • How much can fit? We have two sizes, our 20-foot parking stalls are for any vehicles/boats/trailers/RVs that are shorter than 20 feet. Our 34-foot parking stalls are for vehicles/boats/trailers/RVs that are shorter than 34 feet (one RV/boat/trailer per stall). You can choose the option that best fits your vehicle’s spacing requirements.
  • When to choose it? After spending the season enjoying your recreational vehicle, you can find comfort in knowing it has a home for the off-season that is affordable, convenient, and out of sight.
  • What types of items? Any vehicle, whether commercial, recreational or personal, that you don’t use year-round, from RVs and campers, trucks and cars, or commercial vehicles.

Vehicle/RV/Boat parking (Under 20 feet) $75 +gst a month

Vehicle/RV/Boat parking (Under 34 feet) $85 +gst a month


Bare-land lots currently

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